Introducing SPIDAcalc v8.0

Your Complete Pole Line Design Software Solution

Watch the video and discover SPIDAcalc v8.0.


SPIDAcalc makes it straightforward to collect, model, and optimize overhead T&D assets, giving organizations transparency, control, and flexibility over collection, material specification, and analysis methods.

With the new release of SPIDAcalc v8.0 – watch the video to about new features including automated vertical clearance evaluations, improved terrain functionality,  and enhanced reporting.

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Efficiently designing existing or new overhead systems is now easier than ever with the launch of SPIDAcalc v8.0 from SPIDA, the complete pole line design solution.

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Request the on-demand recording and learn about;

  • The general functionality of SPIDAcalc
  • The new and improved features of SPIDAcalc v8.0 including Clearances and Terrain
  • How utilizing SPIDAcalc empowers you to build a better grid

Request the SPIDAcalc v8.0 on-demand recording

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SPIDAstudio features


Workflow management and design storage

SPIDAcalc features interactive 3d modeling, powerful geometric nonlinear analysis,  automated clearances, and terrain modeling,


Desktop Pole Design and Analysis

SPIDAsilk features Excel-based reporting, measurements along the span, and a modern, user-friendly interface.


Wire Sag and Tension Analysis